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Starfish Aviation Purchases Fleet of Spectrum S.40 and S.33 Business Jets

Starfish Aviation Purchases Fleet of Spectrum S.40 and S.33 Business Jets

Austin Blue, President of Spectrum Aeronautical, LLC, announced today that the company has finalized the sale of a fleet of aircraft comprised of its Freedom S.40 and Independence S.33 business jets to Starfish Aviation, LLC, of Northbrook, Illinois. Although both companies have policies that prohibit public disclosure of details and order backlogs, Blue commented that the value of the contract is in the nine-digit range.

Blue noted that Starfish selected Spectrum´s equipment following in-depth evaluations to find the right aircraft to fit their operations. "Starfish has a program that is well suited to today´s dynamic and demanding transportation marketplace. The Freedom and Independence will perform very effectively for them," he said.

Ken Ross, president of Starfish Aviation, LLC, says he´s confident Spectrum´s aircraft will revolutionize the way business travelers fly. "The S-40 is a truly amazing aircraft," he said, "with capabilities and cabin comfort similar to a Citation XLS+, but with operating costs more comparable to a light jet, it will truly delight our customers."

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