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Cessna’s Citation Sovereign Remains Strong in Brazil

Cessna’s Citation Sovereign Remains Strong in Brazil

Cessna Aircraft Company continues to enhance the functionality of its popular Citation Sovereign, on display here this week at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition.

Since the first delivery in late 2004, more than 220 Sovereigns have been delivered and the fleet has amassed more than 185,000 flight hours.

“The Citation Sovereign is becoming a very popular model in Brazil due to its excellent value in this segment,” said Cessna Vice President, International Sales, Trevor Esling. “Cabin size, speed and range, and particularly its short-field performance combine to make it an easy choice for a mid-size business jet.”

Certified for operations to 14,326 meters (47,000 feet), the Sovereign can take off from airfields as short as 1,109 meters (3,640 feet)* and has a range of 5,272 kilometers (2,847 nautical miles) and a maximum cruise speed of 848 kilometers per hour (458 knots true air speed/527 miles per hour).

WAAS LPV approach capability is scheduled for introduction on the Sovereign during 2009. The Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) corrects minor GPS signal errors and enables GPS-based, precision-style Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approach capability within the United States.

Max takeoff weight, sea level, ISA, balanced field length per FAR 25, 150 flaps

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