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Rolls and GE Unveil New Turboprop Engines

Rolls and GE Unveil New Turboprop Engines

Rolls-Royce unveiled a new turboprop engine for general aviation applications on Tuesday at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wis. The RR500 turboprop engine is larger than the turboshaft RR300 launched last year and will deliver 350 to 450 shp.

Based on the RR300 core, the RR500 features a higher mass flow compressor and correspondingly matching turbine, as well as an exhaust-down configuration, a gearbox and propeller controls. Rolls plans to obtain certification for the engine in three years and “is in discussion with all the OEMs in the market in this product range,” said Ken Roberts, president of Rolls-Royce’s helicopter business.

Meanwhile, GE launched a new version in the Walter turboprop line, the M601H-80, at AirVenture. Although GE acquired “certain assets” of Walter Engines in June, the two companies have been working since last year on the -80 upgrades.

The new engine incorporates GE’s three-dimensional aerodynamic design and advanced materials in the compressor and turbine, as well as new nozzle guide vane and combustor liner materials. The changes improve efficiency by 7 percent, increase the temperature margin and allow the -80 to deliver up to 800 shp.

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