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Cessna’s Single Engine and Mustang Programs Reach Milestones

Cessna’s Single Engine and Mustang Programs Reach Milestones

Cessna Aircraft has reached the following milestones for its single engine piston and entry-level business jet products on display at this week’s Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture 2008:

Citation Mustang - The Citation Mustang entry-level business jet has gained global popularity since entering service in April 2007 and orders have surpassed 500. Forty-five aircraft were delivered in 2007, and Cessna plans to celebrate the 100th unit in August. The company will deliver 100 Mustangs this year alone, about three of every five going to international customers.

The current fleet totals 86 aircraft that have accumulated more than 12,500 flight hours. The high-time aircraft has logged more than 500 hours. All current production Citations employ new generation turbofan engines, which meet or exceed the most stringent noise requirements and allow Cessna’s line of business jets to be among the most fuel efficient and achieve some of the lowest emissions in the industry.

Cessna 350 and 400 - Cessna expects to deliver 150 Cessna 350/400 high-performance, low-wing composite aircraft this year with the help of the Textron Production System, which also has improved workplace safety, productivity and customer satisfaction.

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