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The World Comes To Oshkosh!

The World Comes To Oshkosh!

Well, maybe not the whole world, but in EAA´s opening-day excitement, it does feel like the whole aviation world has descended upon AirVenture. As visitors stream in through the main gate, they find the now-venerable Cirrus Design on one side, showing a mock-up of the Cirrus Vision jet (the real one will fly into Oshkosh for the first time on Wednesday), and on the other side, the Icon light sport aircraft, with its folding electric wings, fresh from its first flight. That sets the tone for the mix of old and new, tried-and-true and cutting-edge, vintage and experimental, industry leaders and hopeful upstarts, that mix it up across acres and acres of nonstop aviation exuberance here in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. With the "virtual" unveiling of Burt Rutan´s giant WhiteKnightTwo -- the world´s largest-ever carbon fiber aircraft -- set for Monday in Mojave, with a live video link here to the AirVenture crowds, the show promises to be off to a grand start, showcasing its experimental roots and celebrating the futuristic vision of Virgin Galactic.

AVweb staff has the event covered, with daily videos, podcasts, newsletters, and photo galleries. Be sure to check the AVweb.com Web site every day for all the latest news-as-it-happens, and every morning our AVwebFlash digest will be delivered direct to your inbox. The weather for the whole week promises to be severe clear, with cool breezes and low humidity -- and no doubt a thunderstorm or two tossed in -- sure to help keep the airplanes flowing in and out nonstop, great for the thousands of campers, and encouraging for the EAA folks, who hope that their usual throng of visitors will be willing for a week to forget about high fuel prices and other dreary economic woes and come to Oshkosh to explore the world of flight.

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