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Ocean Sky Aviation Commission World Leading Designer For New Boeing Business Jet Interior

Ocean Sky Aviation Commission World Leading Designer For New Boeing Business Jet Interior

Ocean Sky Aviation, Europe’s fastest growing private jet company, has commissioned the world famous designer Andrew Winch to create a stunning, luxurious design for Ocean Sky’s Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), due to be delivered ‘green’ in May 2011.

Winch and his company have a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically competent design teams in the world.

“Andrew’s work represents the height of elegance and luxury for us," Ocean Sky CEO Kurosh Tehranchian said. "His understanding of subtle, classic design and its place within the cabin is exactly what we need to ensure that clients who this aircraft is being built to serve are as comfortable as possible.”

Whilst the final specific look of the design has yet to be decided, it is expected to follow an art-deco theme, including a carefully chosen and subtly integrated state-of-the-art electronic entertainment system.

“I’m thrilled to be working for Ocean Sky on this design," said Winch, Chief designer. "We’re anticipating using a range of blonde sycamore and contrasting macassa woods to create a beautiful and elegant look." He said the BBJ would be a long range version, thus making flat bed arrangements will be important in the overall scheme.

"All in all this will be a solid and sophisticated signature design, and unique over anything that I have done so far,” Winch said.

Winch will lead his team over the next 12 months to complete the design prior to fit-out by Europe’s most highly regarded business jet interior fabrication and installation company.

It is estimated the design and fit-out will cost in excess of $20 million. The BBJ is expected to enter active service for Ocean Sky’s clients near the beginning of 2012.

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