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Very Light Jet Service Now Available to The Bahamas

Very Light Jet Service Now Available to The Bahamas

North American Jet Charter Group, LLC announced the availability of its Very Light Jet service between airports in South Florida and Nassau, Bahamas. Using its brand new Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet, the company will fly on-demand charters from Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Opa Locka to Nassau, Bahamas.

The ultra-modern jet carries three passengers in its BMW-appointed leather interior. Flights take approximately 45 minutes and are priced at $ 3,700 for a day trip from Boca Raton and $ 4,500 from Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale Executive or Opa Locka.

“We’re experiencing a lot of demand for service to the Bahamas,” said Ken Ross, the company’s CEO and President. “The Eclipse is the perfect aircraft for a quick flight to the islands or anywhere within 500 miles.”

Jay Carney, a Fort Lauderdale business consultant and avid angler, agrees. “Until now, getting to the islands for a day was too much of a hassle. I’d spend more time at the airport than on the water. Now with these Eclipse flights, we can spend the whole day fishing and still be home for dinner. “

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