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Boeing Joins Airbus, Bombardier, As Bullish On Outlook

Boeing Joins Airbus, Bombardier, As Bullish On Outlook

Accounting for today´s economic challenges, Boeing is projecting a 20-year global market worth $ 3.2 trillion for 29,400 new, more fuel-efficient commercial aircraft. While twin-aisle jets will make up the largest dollar share of the market, smaller single-aisle jets are expected to account for more than half of the demand. By 2027, Boeing forecasts a worldwide fleet of 35,800 aircraft, building from today´s world total of roughly 19,000. The long-term market (and, presumably, manufacturers), according to Boeing, will be less vulnerable to regional economic downturns as a result of a more globally distributed demand. Boeing has seen increases in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the Middle East and Latin America, among others. Boeing´s bullish forecast reflects reflections by Airbus, that China alone will need $ 329 billion worth of aircraft by 2026 and Bombardier´s recent forecast, which expects demand to rise unabated through 2017. Bombardier´s forecast that we reported in May represented an increase in demand of 33 percent over its forecast of the previous year.

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