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Hawker 900XP heralds designs for expansion in the Czech Republic

Hawker 900XP heralds designs for expansion in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic´s Grossman Jet Service, which reports strong demand for its eight-passenger configured Hawker 900XP, is now negotiating further fleet additions. Mrs. Dagmar Grossmann, ceo, says: "The 900XP was chosen by the owner but it is one of the ultimate business aircraft. It will take you anywhere in the world with high level of efficiency and productivity."

She adds: "The Legacy offers exceptional benefits over its competitors in terms of performance and cabin size." Grossman Jet Service has operated a Legacy since 2005 but it is a company that typifies the trend in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to take on board new ideas and look for bigger and better modern aircraft. The company prefers to order new.

"We focus mainly on business clientele and serve all the routes worldwide," says Grossmann. Expansion has brought company vacancies for experienced type-rated pilots, cabin crew and in sales.

Grossmann cautions: "While our business is definitely growing, my personal guess is that after 2011 the overall market will dip. However we will be ordering new aircraft. For the new generation of rich people luxurious cars are passe; it is time to own a business jet. So business is booming and we will definitely take advantage of this positive environment for our further progress. I have many plans in my mind, including the acquisition of new aircraft, and I hope to realize them in the near future.

Grossman Jet Service was established in 2004 after Grossman foresaw the business potential of the private aviation sector in the Czech Republic and in eastern Europe. Grossman says: "The main reason for the launch was the business opportunity. The company has had a good run since it was launched and we have managed to double the turnover within the past two years."

She is very focused on aviation business but it is not an all-consuming interest. "Apart of my passion for aviation business I am very active in the real estate business and interior design," says Grossmann. " I also like to design my clothes."

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