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GAMA Goes Green

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) has established an Environment Committee to represent general aviation in the theater of environmental policy and government and to ensure participation in research and policy making. Speaking for GAMA, GAMA Chairman and Cirrus chief Alan Klapmeier, said "it is imperative that the entire industry focus on its common objective of rational, science-based environmental policies that allow all sectors to grow even as they reduce their environmental impact." GAMA intends to become a leader in providing environmental data from which analysis can be gleaned. It has selected Steven Ridolfi, president of Bombardier Business Aircraft, based in Montreal, to chair the new committee. Ridolfi also serves as a GAMA board member and was selected for his "unique blend of knowledge and experience," according to Klapmeier. GAMA president Pete Bunce added that aviation´s carbon footprint has improved.

"The general aviation manufacturing industry has a powerful record of technological advancements that has brought about a 50 percent improvement in specific fuel consumption of business jet engines since they were first introduced during the 1960s," said Bunce. According to Bunce, the general aviation industry "is committed to mitigating its collective impact on the environment." The key is affecting change without imposing constraints on the industry´s growth, or jobs.

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