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Japan National Police Agency Orders Five More AW109 Powers

Japan National Police Agency Orders Five More AW109 Powers

AgustaWestland and Kanematsu Corporation announced lasr week they were awarded a contract by the Japan National Police Agency (JNPA) to supply a further five AW109 Power Law Enforcement Helicopters as part of an on-going program to modernize the Police helicopter fleet.

The 2008 order represents selection of the AW109 Power for the fourth consecutive year. This order will bring the total number of AW109 helicopters in service with the JNPA to twenty-one and continues AgustaWestland´s growing share of the Japanese light twin engine market. AgustaWestland expects this growth to continue over the coming years.

The order also builds upon the recent order by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police for a second AW139 helicopter. In March 2008, the first AW139 maritime patrol and search and rescue helicopters were delivered to the Japan Coast Guard bringing the number of AW139 helicopters operating in Japan to four.

According to Aero-News.Net

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