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Hawker 4000 Gets FAA Approval

Hawker 4000 Gets FAA Approval

Hawker Beechcraft this week received full FAA type approval, in addition to production certification, for its Hawker 4000 super-midsize business jet–a milestone it expected more than seven years ago when the jet was launched in 1996. A spokesman told AIN that shipments will begin “very soon,” and a formal delivery event for the undisclosed launch customer is now being planned.

The first Hawker 4000 was ceremonially delivered in December 2006, but it was a lease-back demonstrator and the owner never took possession of the airplane. While Hawker Beechcraft predecessor Raytheon Aircraft did obtain FAA type certification for the super-midsize business jet in November 2006, it came with a catch–the company’s certification tests took so long that the design would have to meet additional new fuel tank and hydraulic requirements.

Now that these requirements have been met, Hawker Beechcraft chairman and CEO Jim Schuster is “eager to fulfill our substantial backlog of worldwide customer orders. There are now 27 customer Hawker 4000s in the completion pipeline, some of which are fully outfitted.

Hawker Beechcraft claims firm orders for more than 130 Hawker 4000s. Meanwhile, the company recently delivered the first Hawker 750.

It went to Jet Asia, which plans to use it for charter in the Asia Pacific region

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