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A Supersonic Cessna?

HalogenGuides Jets, which calls itself the "Insider´s Guide to Private Aviation," is reporting that Cessna is working on development of a supersonic business jet. Cessna did not immediately respond to AVweb´s request for comment on the report. However, the Web site, which also offers insight on real estate and travel, seems pretty sure that a Cessna SSBJ is on the horizon. In an analysis of the current SSBJ market, the Web site says "An intriguing third player has emerged with the news that business jet stalwarts, Cessna, has entered the ring with a design of its own. Little is known about Cessna´s plans at the moment, but the fact that such a reputable private aviation brand is developing a supersonic jet ought to lend some credence to the movement."

The balance of the article deals with Aerion´s much-publicized order book for 40 of its $ 80 million offering and the less well-known but potentially more-developed Quiet Supersonic Transport under development at Lockheed´s Skunkworks. The focus of much of the research is on softening the sonic boom but there are inevitable questions about fuel burn and environmental impact. The article says that time savings for the busiest of business people may drive some sales but practicality is unlikely to be the motive for many buying an SSBJ. "For the billionaire boys club, meanwhile, a supersonic private jet will likely be irresistible as the ultimate toy," it opines.

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