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EBACE 2008: Pilatus debuts upgraded, more powerful PC12

EBACE 2008: Pilatus debuts upgraded, more powerful PC12

Swiss aircraft maker Pilatus is officially debuting its new PC12NG single engine turboprop here at EBACE.

The NG was certified by both the FAA and EASA on March 28 this year. It features a number of “significant improvements” over the PC12, Pilatus says. These include the introduction of fully integrated Honeywell Primus Apex avionics; a completely redesigned cockpit by BMW Group Designworks USA; and a more powerful version of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s venerable PT6 engine – the PT6A-67P.

At the heart of the upgrade are the avionics, which feat four identical display screens with 10in (255mm) diagonal size set in the familiar T configuration. The engine has been uprated to the more powerful P&WC PT6A-67P and flat rated at 1,200shp (895kW) for take-off and climb up to an outside air temperature of 33°C (91°F).

Time between overhaul is 3,500h. VMO/MMO of the PC-12 NG is 236kt (436km/h). A maximum level cruise of 280kt is achieved at 20,000ft (6,100m). The certification programme began in October 2006 using three test aircraft that flew 364 sorties and clocked up 699 flight test hours.

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