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British Royals lose long haul private jet fleet

British Royals lose long haul private jet fleet

The British Royal family and government ministers will have to limit their exclusive private aircraft use to trips within the U.K. The government has decided to axe the Royal Flight´s long haul capacity.

Jim Fitzpatrick, aviation minister, says: "This approach ensures better value for money for the taxpayer whilst also minimising the environmental impact of royal and ministerial air travel, producing an estimated 10 per cent saving on CO2 emissions."

Fitzpatrick believes their needs "can best be met through procuring a small aircraft for official travel within the U.K., chartered air services for longer journeys involving small parties and a continuation of existing arrangements with U.K. airlines for journeys involving large parties."

The Royal Household will be responsible for future private aircraft acquisitions. The new arrangements are expected to be in place when the service currently provided by 32 (The Royal) Squadron is withdrawn on 1 April 2009.

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