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ABJ Deliveries Scheduled for 4th Quarter 2009

ABJ Deliveries Scheduled for 4th Quarter 2009

Antonov Business Jet (ABJ), a business aircraft derived from regional airliner An-148 and announced two weeks ago, is planned to be manufactured at VASO facilities at Voronezh, Russia and the first deliveries are scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2009, according to information received from Ilyushin Finance Co. The Maintenance and Repair Center will be also located at Voronezh.

Ilyushin Finance Co. states ABJ will compete in the market niche of business liners and large business jets. The aircraft range is 7060 km with 8 passengers on board, normal cruise speed is 820—850 km/h and maximum operating altitude is 12200 meters. The cabin features 18.2m length, 2m height and 3.15m width. ABJ will offer two configurations: Elite (up to 19 seats) and Corporate Shuttle (38 seats).

The aircraft also features outstanding airfield performance, it can operate even to the airports with poor runway conditions and this is considered as a good advantage particularly on local Russian market.

Photo courtesy: Ilyushin Finance Co.

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