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Air Charter Safety Foundation Lauds 2007 Safety Record

Air Charter Safety Foundation Lauds 2007 Safety Record

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) has already reviewed the 2007 preliminary aviation safety statistics released yesterday by the NTSB and found that the data reveals there were no fatal passenger-carrying accidents involving jets flown by on-demand air charter operators or fractional providers. “This is particularly important news for those in the traveling public who are considering chartering a jet or purchasing a share of an aircraft to meet their transportation needs,” said ACSF president James Coyne, who also heads the National Air Transportation Association.

“Passengers should be assured that the accident history shows they are equally safe whether they fly on jets flown by the airlines, by an air charter operator or in a fractional ownership program. ACSF executive director Jacqueline Rosser said the foundation is sponsoring several initiatives to ensure the continued safety of these operations and to enhance safety at charter and fractional firms.

In fact, Rosser said a “ground-breaking industry safety audit” and specialized software for tracking safety-related events are scheduled for deployment this summer by the ACSF.

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