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G1000-Equipped Cessna Caravans

G1000-Equipped Cessna Caravans

The "Garmin-ization" of Cessna´s single-engine line is complete. Cessna announced this week in Lakeland that it recently achieved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to deliver its Caravan models with Garmin G1000 integrated avionics as standard equipment.

Cessna customers now will find the G1000 package on nearly every aircraft, ranging from the Skyhawk single-engine piston through the Citation Mustang entry-level business jet. The company also announced the transition to incorporate the G1000 "is well under way" on the assembly line, while simultaneously increasing the production rate. The first retail deliveries of the Garmin-equipped Caravans remain on schedule to begin by mid-year.

Cessna received a record 272 Caravan orders last year, including 59 taken during the 2007 National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Meeting and Convention, where the company introduced the avionics upgrade and announced it will offer optional TKS ice protection from CAV Aerospace on cargo pod-equipped Caravans. Cessna responded to the influx of orders by significantly increasing Caravan production rates for 2008.

The Garmin G1000 system designed for the Caravan line – the Cessna 208, the Grand Caravan (208B) and the Super Cargomaster – includes three 10” displays: two primary flight displays (PFD) and one multi function display (MFD). One of the PFDs can serve as a back up, increasing dispatch ability.

The Caravan G1000 system incorporates the GFC700, an integrated, dual-channel digital autopilot. Other features include a flight director, go-around mode and Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). It also includes SafeTaxi, a graphical representation of the aircraft on the ground in the airport environment in relation to labeled taxiways, runways and buildings during taxi. Radar, TAWS-B, XM radio and XM weather are optional features. On TKS-equipped Caravans, the optional ice protection system releases glycol-based fluid through laser-drilled panels on the leading edges of the wings and horizontal and vertical stabilizers to reduce ice accumulation. A slinger ring on the propeller also emits fluid to minimize ice accumulation on the prop, windshield, cargo pod and landing gear. Cessna is currently developing a TKS option for non-cargo pod-equipped Caravans, which is expected to be available for early 2009 deliveries.

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