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NBAA Unveils New Annual Event For Light Airplane Operators

NBAA Unveils New Annual Event For Light Airplane Operators

The usual conception of business aviation may be that it is all about big corporations with flight departments, but in fact, NBAA President Ed Bolen said Wednesday at Sun ´n Fun, fully 60 percent of NBAA´s 8,000 members operate just a single airplane to help advance their business. "We´ve been talking to those members about how we can better serve their needs," he said, and from those conversations arose the concept of the Light Airplane Conference & Exhibition, a new three-day annual event that will be held in San Diego, Calif., starting next March. The show will feature forums and workshops about safety for the single pilot, regulatory issues, taxes, and more, that will focus on business owners and other operators of light jets, turboprops, and piston airplanes. "We are confident that the Light Airplane Conference & Exhibition will be well received by our light airplane operators, who will now benefit from a show filled with exhibits and educational information sessions focused on their unique interests, and a static display that showcases their aircraft," Bolen said. The show will be held at the San Diego Convention Center, with room for up to 1,000 exhibitors. A static display for up to 50 aircraft will be located at the nearby San Diego International Airport. Next year´s show is set for March 12, 13, and 14.

"Perhaps the best part about this show," Bolen said, "is that light airplane operators are going to help guide our planning for it. Throughout the rest of Sun ´n Fun, and in the months to come, NBAA wants to hear from the light aircraft operators in our industry about how to make the event as valuable an experience as possible."

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