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Cessna Picks Wichita For Columbus

Cessna Picks Wichita For Columbus

Kansas politicians can get things done in a hurry if they want to, as proven by the meteoric passage of an incentive package to ensure Cessna kept its Columbus 850 plant in Wichita. On March 31, Cessna told state officials it wanted $ 25 million in cash to build a factory to build the $ 27 million aircraft. Cessna´s total investment is expected to be about $ 800 million and employ 1,000 people. By Friday, the Senate and House had passed a $ 33 million incentive package and by Saturday Cessna CEO Jack Pelton was at a news conference telling local media the deal had been sealed.

"Clearly we have sent a very strong signal not only to our country but to the world that Kansas will compete to protect our jobs," said Steve Martens, chairman of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition. Cessna plans to break ground on the plant by the end of the year.

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