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Gulfstream Unveils New Business Jet

Gulfstream Unveils New Business Jet

Gulfstream Aerospace Thursday announced a new long-range business jet, the G650, which will be the fastest aircraft in the company´s product line when it enters service in 2012.

The G650 will top the Gulfstream product line, with a range of 7,000 nautical miles at .85 Mach. The G650 also will be able to conduct 5,000-nm missions at a cruise speed of .9 Mach, which will make it the largest, fastest business jet in the world, with top-end dash speeds equal to or exceeding those of the Cessna Citation X.

The new aircraft will be an addition to the current product line; officials said the current top-of-the-line model G550 will remain in production. The G650 will feature an array of sophisticated avionics including a synthetic vision system that will permit pilots to land safely in otherwise challenging weather conditions.

The new model features a swept-wing design with winglets and it will incorporate larger versions of the traditional oval windows in the passenger cabin. The cabin will be 14 inches wider than that of the G550 and offer three additional inches of headroom. The first flight is scheduled for 2009, with FAA certification anticipated in 2011.

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