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Entrapped in the Bermudas

Entrapped in the Bermudas

Russia’s Transport Ministry has limited the import of foreign aircraft older than 15 years of age. Not warned about the ministry’s initiative, the market players suffer the losses and proceed with making the license payments.

It emerged that the RF Transport Ministry banned the Bermuda-registration for the foreign planes that are over 15 years of age. The ministry hadn’t talked over the ban with the airlines, which are currently unable to deliver over a dozen of acquired jets.

People in the Transport Ministry claim no ban was imposed but the experts need additional time to check the aircraft manufactured more than 15 years ago.

Utair is unable to import three ATR-72s. “The planes were painted long ago and are ready for the departure,” said Utair General Director Andrei Martirosov. “The logic of this decision is unclear to us. The planes will replace the 35-year An-24s and Yak-40s,” the official said, specifying that the planes were taken into financial leasing and the company is paying for them.

KD Avia has two Boeing-737s entrapped in the Bermudas. “These two planes are undergoing the D-check, we haven’t suffered any losses under the deal yet,” said KD Avia Acting Director Leonid Itskov.

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