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Major success for Eurocopter at Heli-Expo 2008

Major success for Eurocopter at Heli-Expo 2008

Eurocopter received 111 orders for its brand new EC175, 120 orders for its current range. Eurocopter signed intentions to buy with 13 different customers during the 3 days of Heli-Expo for a total of 111 units, confirming the huge demand for such a helicopter. Eurocopter also reached outstanding bookings for the rest of its range with 120 orders, marking its continued success in extremely active North American and international markets. Right after having unveiled a full-scale mock-up of its EC175, Eurocopter announced the first two launch customers of its new 7 ton class, 16 passenger helicopter, marking its official introduction on the market.

The majority of the 120 orders concerning the rest of the product range came from customers based in North America (90 from US customers and 28 from Canadian customers).

Other orders included: 21 helicopters for corporate and VIP use, 49 helicopters for various operators, 7 helicopters to serve the oil and gas industry.

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