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Cessna Captures Asia-Pacific Region

Cessna Captures Asia-Pacific Region

Сessna Aircraft Company completed a successful visit to the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition Forum 2008 on Feb. 14 in Hong Kong and the Singapore Airshow Feb. 19-24 by wrapping up orders for 74 aircraft, with an estimated value of more than $ 219 million.

Cessna announced several agreements that were finalized in time for the Singapore Airshow: private aviation services provider BJETS placed an order for 20 Citation CJ2+ business jets worth approximately $ 150 million; India-based Chimes Aviation ordered 11 Skyhawk 172Rs and nine Skyhawk turbo-diesel models; and Susi Air of Indonesia ordered six Grand Caravan 208Bs.

On top of those orders, Cessna officials returned to Wichita with purchase agreements for an additional 17 single-engine pistons, nine Caravan turboprop aircraft and two Citation business jets. The newly-ordered aircraft are destined for Australia, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and other locations throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

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