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Hawker 750 Certificated

Hawker 750 Certificated

Hawker Beechcraft has received US certification for the Hawker 750 business jet, a derivative of the popular Hawker 800 series aimed at the light mid-size sector. Deliveries will begin later in the first quarter.

The aircraft was launched in October 2006 when the company announced it was developing two new models based on the best-selling Hawker 800 series - the longer-range Hawker 900XP and shorter-range 750.

It has the same cabin as the Hawker 800-series, with a heated external baggage compartment that provides 32 cubic feet (0.91 cu m) of additional baggage capacity. The Hawker 750 includes the highly successful Honeywell TFE731-5BR engine, producing 4,660 pounds of engine thrust. Combined with state-of-the art Collins Pro Line 21TM avionics package with IFIS and enhanced map overlays, the Hawker 750’s operating capabilities satisfy the segment’s unmet need for a high-performance light midsize jet.

Priced at $ 12.2 million typically-equipped in 2008 dollars, deliveries will begin in the first quarter of 2008. Pursuits of international certifications are to follow.

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