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Blink promises ‘on demand’ air taxis whenever they are needed

Blink promises ‘on demand’ air taxis whenever they are needed

Blink, which has partnered with TAG Aviation (UK), promises that businesses in Europe will be able to arrange a Mustang flight as easily as ordering a cab to take their executives to more than 800 airports.

Blink is the brainchild of Harvard Business School graduates Peter Leiman and Cameron Ogden who have developed an innovative business plan that takes the operational efficiencies of low cost airlines and applies it to personalised business travel. Leiman says: "Blink aircraft will spend more time in the air moving passengers than traditional private jets and operate within a network of destinations. As a result, it can offer its service at a dramatically lower cost to private jets and at a competitive price to commercial business class travel."

He adds: "Having spent over a year analysing aircraft, we determined the Mustang is best suited for the performance and low cost demands of our operational model. We are confident that the Mustang will be the ideal ´Boardroom in the Sky.´

Co-founder Ogden adds: "Increasingly, businesses have pan-European operations that require their executives to move frequently from location to location. We have created a tool that will do that quicker and more efficiently than any other."

Due to start operations in May 2008, Blink promises personalised air taxi services at a price that is "competitive with commercial airlines and 50 per cent below the private jet market of today". Leiman says: "We will ensure that travellers fly to their actual final destination, not an inconvenient alternative."

The aircraft will be operated by TAG. Blink placed a 30 aircraft order for the Mustang after successfully completing a $ 30 million round of equity funding with European investors. "Blink is the largest Mustang customer in the world," says Ogden. "The Mustang is light and fuel efficient and benefits from the best short-field landing and steep approach capabilities. We believe we can take advantage of high utilisation rates and substantial operational cost savings."

Blink, says Leiman, will be able to pass these savings directly to its customers in the form of lower prices and more reliable service.

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