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Cessna Deliveries Set New Record

Cessna Deliveries Set New Record

Cessna Aircraft Company delivered 1,274 aircraft in 2007 - including first deliveries of four models: the newly acquired (from Columbia Aircraft) Cessna 350 and 400 single-engine pistons, the all-new Citation Mustang entry level jet and the upgraded Citation Encore+ business jet. During the year, Cessna delivered 387 business jets, 80 turboprops and 807 piston aircraft. In 2006, the company recorded deliveries of 307 business jets, 67 turboprops and 865 piston aircraft. "From 2005 to 2007, our Citation deliveries increased by 130 jets, a 50 percent increase," said Jack J. Pelton, chairman, president and CEO of Cessna.

Also supporting the company´s growth in 2007 was the continued expansion of the international business jet market. Business jet orders outside the United States accounted for 53 percent of Cessna´s total orders in 2007.

The company plans to deliver 470 business jets in 2008. Cessna´s revenues for 2007 were $ 5.0 billion, up from $ 4.2 billion a year ago.

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