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Cessna commits to large cabin concept

Cessna commits to large cabin concept

Cessna Aircraft today confirmed that its board of directors has given its approval for the Wichita-based company to build a large-cabin, intercontinental business jet that will be positioned at the top of the Citation line of aircraft.

Details of the design, first revealed in mock-up form as the "Large Cabin Concept" (LCC) at the National Business Aviation Association’s convention in 2006, are to be revealed at a press conference in Washington on 6 February, says Cessna.

"I´m ecstatic to announce we are extending the Citation line upward and grateful for the patience of the customers who have urged Cessna to add a large cabin Citation, including many who are planning to move up from their existing Citation business jets," said Jack J. Pelton, chairman, president and CEO of Cessna.

"We have invested a great deal of time in evaluating this concept to determine a solid business case and involved customers very early in this program. We´re confident our efforts will result in an aircraft that is right for the marketplace."

In 2006, the company said the LCC would have nine seats, Cessna’s largest aircraft to date, with a 7,400km (4,000nm) range at Mach 0.8. Maximum operating Mach speed was said to be around 0.86, slower than the Citation X. Entry into service at that time was said to be 2012.

The news follows Bombardier’s announcement on Tuesday that it will team with Germany’s Grob Aerospace to build an eight-passenger all-composite, stand-up cabin, coast-to-coast business jet called the Learjet 85.

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