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Very Light Jet Maker Adam Aircraft Aims For Certification

Very Light Jet Maker Adam Aircraft Aims For Certification

Headquartered at Centennial Airport (APA) in Englewood, Colo., Adam Aircraft Inc., manufacturer of the A500, an all-composite piston aircraft, is focusing its resources on its A700 very light jet, to obtain type certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. The company said it´s on target for its twin-engine VLJ certification this year. Recently, the FAA approved type inspection authorization on the A700 jet. Three test aircraft, says the company, continue to conduct various flight data testing.

The company´s new Make Production Fly (MPF) program, aims to boost production, however, the decision was made to slow production of the A500 in order to streamline the process.

"Building the best airplane possible for our customers is paramount," said Adam Aircraft President Duncan Koerbel. "We´re making sure we have the right processes in place in order to build a complete product that exceeds expectations. While we´ve not been without our challenges due to our growth, we´ve handled the long hours, false starts and in-process adjustments."

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