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HeliRussia 2008 is disclosing the Russian helicopter market

HeliRussia 2008 is disclosing the Russian helicopter market

Participation in the international Russian exhibitions makes it possible for foreign companies to break into the Russian market. The distinctive feature of the Russian helicopter market of late years is that the foreign companies are gradually gaining the vaster segment of the Russian market. Moreover, before now it covered only engines in non-available segment of light helicopters in our market, and now it affects the fields in which Russia was always priority-oriented. It is not difficult to make sure of it proceeding from the structure of the declared participants in the First International Helicopter Industry Exhibition i.e. HeliRussia 2008 (May 15-17, 2008 Moscow, Crocus Expo).

The first International Helicopter Industry Exhibition in Russia shall show the world the worthy level of Russian products and become the base for their advance to other countries.

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