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Lynn bought x250,000 worth of credit with private jet service

Lynn bought x250,000 worth of credit with private jet service

FUGITIVE solicitor Michael Lynn had bought EUR 250,000 worth of credit with a private jet service when his legal practice was shut down by the Law Society.

Lynn travelled with NetJets in early September -- his practice was closed on September 5 -- to check out possible new European property acquisitions, the Irish Independent has learned.

The EUR 250,000 payment to NetJets was enough to cover 50 hours of flying time.

Lynn remains at large after fleeing the country last week, leaving more than 10 banks and former clients with multiple mortgage debts of over EUR 80m.

News of Mr Lynn´s association with NetJets comes as banks face a battle to register and sell his properties, a third of which are unaccounted for, an Irish Independent investigation today reveals.

NetJets, which flies to 800 airports in 120 countries, has confirmed to the Irish Independent the company will assist if asked to co-operate with any Garda investigation into Mr Lynn´s recent disappearance.

"NetJets will always comply with the Irish authorities or authorities in any other jurisdiction," said the company.

Despite a full garda investigation into Mr Lynn´s financial affairs and a High Court bench warrant for his immediate arrest and detention, the lawyer and property developer has not been charged with a criminal offence and is free to travel without any restrictions.

His whereabouts are unknown, even to his wife, who is suing her husband but has stated the couple are not experiencing "marital difficulties".

NetJets is a favourite amongst Ireland´s business elite thanks to the convenience and privacy it offers them, and a spokeswoman cited this privacy when declining to comment on Mr Lynn´s account.

And legal and business sources have confirmed to the Irish Independent Mr Lynn held some EUR 250,000 in a NetJets account in September.

NetJets offers a wide range of aircraft types right up to luxurious planes like the Gulfstream jet. While the larger, more expensive planes can make the longest flights, several of NetJets smaller planes are light enough to land at tiny, off-the-beaten-track airfields that do not cater for mainstream commercial flights.

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