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Lufthansa´ll offer private jet service

Lufthansa´ll offer private jet service

Demand for individual, flexible air travel is so strong that Lufthansa is expanding its premium service. The company is investing in its own private jets to augment the existing Lufthansa Private Jet service. The new aircraft will be purchased next year and fitted with exclusive interiors. Lufthansa’s own jets are expected to go into service in spring 2008. By building up its own Private Jet fleet, Lufthansa will be in a better position to tailor the product to customer requirements and also offer a more flexible service. Lufthansa will set up its own private jet fleet of ´less than 10 aircraft´ by early 2008.

Despite of NetJets Europe is still featured on LPJ´s website as the main provider of its flights, Lufthansa said until its fleet reaches the required size for 2008, partners certified by Lufthansa would operate individual LPJ flights.

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