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Ruag converts Gulfstream G550 HALO aircraft

Ruag converts Gulfstream G550 HALO aircraft

RUAG Aerospace has completed its conversion of a new Gulfstream G550 high altitude and long range research aircraft (HALO) for the German science community. The aircraft will be operated by the flight department of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for atmospheric reseach and earth observation following its delivery next year.

The 20-month conversion from a standard business jet into the HALO configuration included the installation of a nose mast, and a modified tail cone and the integration of attachment points into the wings to store sensor containers and spray tanks. A separate aircraft electrical supply has also been added.

The HALO research aircraft, funded by the German government and national scientific research centres, is designed to conduct a number of research projects including the delivery of more precise forecasting of weather and climate events and the exploration of the higher layers of the atmosphere, ozone layer and the exchange of air pollutants.

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