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Adam A700 Receives First Type Inspection Authorization

Adam A700 Receives First Type Inspection Authorization

Today, Adam Aircraft Inc. announced its Adam A700 very light jet program received its first Federal Aviation Administration Type Inspection Authorization (TIA). Englewood, Colo.-based Adam said with this endorsement, its flight test program is entering into a new phase; FAA representatives are authorized to begin flight-testing on the A700 VLJ for certification credit. Duncan Koerbel, president of Adam Aircraft, said, "We´ve steadily moved from our first flight of the fully conforming A700 this spring into FAA testing." He said this was accomplished by taking advantage of the commonality of the company´s certified A500 twin piston, and by having more than 900 hours of development flying with the first two A700 prototypes.

Koerbel said receiving the TIA confirms that the company is on the mark for achieving FAA certification of the A700 in 2008. He explained that in order to secure a type certification for the all-composite A700, the company would dedicate four test aircraft to TIA tasks.

The TIA, says Koerbel, validates that Adam has submitted all necessary information and technical data that´s required to begin type certification, and concurred that the system under test reached a point where it will meet all applicable FAA regulations. "We´re meeting and exceeding our performance goals; we´ll deliver what we believe to be the best value for price, performance and cabin size in the VLJ class," he said.

John Wolf, Adam Aircraft chairman and CEO said that historically, new aircraft programs that have gone through the rigorous testing to receive a TIA have successfully obtained a type certificate. "TIA for Adam´s flight test program will be the first of many that the company will receive for the A700, which will lead to the final goal of full type certification," he said.

Presently, Adam is testing the A700´s engine handling characteristics. Beginning next week, environmental testing will take place at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory, located at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Used by the military and civil aviation, aircraft tests are conducted at extreme temperatures and in severe weather conditions, including hot and cold weather, freezing rain and blowing snow. Testing will involve personnel from Adam, its engine manufacturer, Williams International and the FAA.

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