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Cobham Buys S-Tec

British-owned Cobham PLC, which owns Chelton, Comant, Artex Aircraft Supplies and Wulfsberg Electronics, among other things, has purchased autopilot maker S-Tec from Meggitt PLC, also from Britain, for $ 38 million. The deal was concluded last week and the capacity that S-Tec adds to Cobham´s aviation portfolio were front and center in the announcement. "The close association with these established leaders, combined with the support of Cobham, will enable S-TEC to explore new opportunities to further expand our markets for new-generation digital autopilot and flight control systems," said S-Tec President Mel Hilderbrand.

Meggitt acquired S-Tec in 2000 and the company has added prominent industry customers like Cirrus and Eclipse to its portfolio.

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