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Cessna to add 1,500 jobs in 2008

Cessna to add 1,500 jobs in 2008

Cessna Aircraft plans to add 1,500 jobs next year, the majority of them in Wichita. Cessna plans to increase Wichita employment by about 1,200 in 2008, said senior vice president for human resources Jim Walters."It´s primarily, if not solely, driven by growth," Walters said. Cessna expects to deliver 380 business jets, including 44 Citation Mustangs from its Independence plant, in 2007, company officials have said. In 2008, it plans to deliver 470 jets, including about 100 Mustangs.

Cessna´s Independence facility employs about 1,100. It will add 150 to 200 jobs next year as production of the Mustang increases.

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