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Quest flies second production Kodiak

Quest flies second production Kodiak

Quest Aircraft announced the successful first flight of S/N002, the second production KODIAK aircraft to take to the skies. The aircraft, which will be delivered to the customer early next month, flew for about an hour. S/N002 joins S/N001 and the KODIAK prototype in the fleet, as work on the production line continues to accelerate.

The KODIAK’s rugged aluminum construction combines superior STOL performance and high useful load. It offers proven turbine reliability with the Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbine engine, is capable of working off floats without structural upgrades and has the ability to land on unimproved surfaces. The Garmin G1000 integrated avionics suite is standard equipment on the KODIAK. This is the first installation in a turboprop aircraft of the popular G1000.

According to Quest Aircraft

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