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Embraer May Deliver as Many as 350 Aircraft in 2009

Embraer May Deliver as Many as 350 Aircraft in 2009

Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA, the Brazilian maker of midsize jetliners for regional carriers, plans to deliver as many as 350 aircraft in 2009.

The company said it would deliver as many as 215 planes in 2008, according to an e-mailed statement. Embraer, based in Sao Jose dos Campos, intends to deliver as many as 170 aircraft this year.

Chief Executive Frederico Curado has expanded Embraer´s portfolio of business jets to reduce dependence on commercial aircraft. The company plans to begin deliveries of six-seat Phenom 100 business planes next year. In 2009, Embraer will start deliveries of two other business jets, the Phenom 300 and the Lineage 1000.

``Embraer is reducing its business risk by diversifying its products,´´ said Regis Abreu, who helps mange 2 billion reais in assets at Mercatto Gestao de Recursos in Rio de Janeiro, before the announcement.

Embraer plans to deliver 10 to 15 Phenoms in 2008 and 120 to 150 Phenoms in 2009, it said in the e-mail.

The Phenom 300 seats nine and the Lineage 1000 uses the same body as the company´s 100-seat commercial plane. More than 80 percent of Embraer´s plane sales are for commercial aircraft that seat 70 to 118 passengers.

Curado has added equipment, workers and a third shift at the main plant in Sao Jose dos Campos to remedy bottlenecks. First- quarter delays threatened to derail delivery goals this year.

Embraer forecasts the global aircraft industry will deliver in the next two decades 7,450 commercial planes that seat 30 to 120 passengers. That compares with a November 2006 forecast by the company for 7,500 such aircraft.

The company expects the industry to deliver 13,150 business jets worth $201 billion in the next 10 years compared with a 2006 forecast for 11,115 jets worth $1 69 billion.

Embraer is the world´s fourth-largest aircraft maker. Europe´s Airbus SAS is the world´s largest, followed by Boeing Co. in Chicago and Canada´s Bombardier Inc.

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