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Air Alpha’s Russian Pilatus Delivery

Air Alpha’s Russian Pilatus Delivery

The Russian air taxi operator Dexter has placed an order for a number of Pilatus PC12’s with Danish company Air Alpha Aircraft Sales. For Air Alpha this deal marks their entrance into the Russian aircraft market, implementing their growth strategy towards the East.

Air Alpha has 80 employees and is a diversified general aviation company located at Odense Airport, Denmark. The company is Pilatus PC12 dealer in Russia and successfully negotiated the deal with Dexter. Prior to this deal lays app. 2.5 years of negotiations, where one of the major concerns for Russian Dexter was if the aircraft could operate in the cold weather in Russia. Thus, the negotiation process on Dexter’s side was especially influenced by Air Alpha’s extensive experience in operating in Canadian weather conditions. “An expedition in January 2006 to Canada ensured Dexter’s confidence in the Pilatus PC12s, as they witnessed several Pilatus aircraft having flown for 10 years in extreme weather,” Director Peter Hoegsberg explains.

“Each aircraft is expected to fly in excess of 1000 hours making maintenance a crucial aspect of the deal “ The extensive deal entails the purchase of several Pilatus PC12s with the necessary support, supply of spare parts, inspections, and maintenance of the aircraft. Especially the servicing part of the deal means a lot to Air Alpha as each aircraft is expected to fly in excess of 1000 hours making maintenance a crucial aspect of the deal.

Peter Hoegsberg further emphasizes the importance of a successful deal for Air Alpha’s activities in Russia. At present point Air Alpha Aircraft Sales has established an office in Moscow with 3 employees. Further, the next step for Air Alpha is establishing maintenance facilities with a hangar situated in Russia to complement the sales office.

In addition to Pilatus, Air Alpha Aircraft Sales is the sole distributor of Piper Aircraft in all of Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia. Moreover, the company is sole agent for the Italian Piaggio P180, and for American Columbia Aircraft in all of Scandinavia, Swiss Pilatus PC12 in the Baltics and Russia, and for the Pilatus PC-6 world wide. Besides the sale of new aircraft, the company also sells and purchases pre-owned aircraft. Air Alpha Aircraft Sales is part of The Air Alpha Group whose other business areas are aircraft and helicopter maintenance, aircraft and helicopter operation and management, as well as pilot flight training.

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