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New Learjet will bring jobs with it

New Learjet will bring jobs with it

Wichita´s Bombardier plant will perform final assembly and other work on a new business jet, says a spokeswoman. Bombardier Aerospace has launched a new Learjet business jet -- one that will fit between its midsize and super-midsize offerings. The airplane, currently called the Learjet NXT, will mean more jobs for Wichita, Bombardier spokeswoman Danielle Boudreau.

"It´s great news for Bombardier´s Wichita site," Boudreau said.

Wichita would perform the final assembly, interior completions, aircraft delivery, contracts, sales and flight test. Bombardier also will have engineering and program offices in Wichita, Boudreau said. It´s too early to say how many jobs would be created by the new program. The site currently employs 2,290 people. Analysts have expected the announcement for some time, Boudreau said.

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