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DayJet Launches Air-taxi Service Finally

DayJet Launches Air-taxi Service Finally

The day for DayJet is here at last. The "per-seat, on-demand" operator held its grand opening on 2 October in Florida and is making flights.

Customer test flights began two weeks ago to ensure innovative software will schedule the Eclipse 500 flights and maintenance as planned. "What´s revolutionary about this isn´t necessarily airplanes," says Iacobucci, "We´ve developed a whole new family of technology and science."

Co-ordinating different travel plans on to the same flights is working, he says, and costs can approach airline fares. "The more time you give us to get your from A to B, the cheaper the ticket. It´s as simple as that."

Three Eclipses are now making DayJet revenue flights, while up to five are used in training. Delivery for 300 Eclipses could bring service completely into six states in the next two years, and 1,000 deliveries within five years could allow a separate service to start in Europe.

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