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Single-Engine Jets: Refinements for the PiperJet

Single-Engine Jets: Refinements for the PiperJet

The company says that despite some changes to its design, the airplane is still on track for certification by the end of 2010.

I recently visited the Piper factory and was shown the proof-of-concept airplane under construction. The most noticeable change is the tail, to which the designers gave a dramatic sweep of 30 degrees. Also, the airplane will get redesigned winglets, a new wing leading edge shape and a slightly smaller nacelle for reduced drag.

The PiperJet is a six-place, all-metal design powered by a single, tail-mounted Williams FJ44 turbofan engine. With a projected top cruise speed of 360 knots, a maximum range of 1,300 nm and a ceiling of 35,000, the jet sells for around $ 2.2 million.

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