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Cessna Receives Business Jet Order for Italian Market

Cessna Receives Business Jet Order for Italian Market

Cessna Aircraft Company announced an order for 14 Citations from S.C.S. Maretti, Cessna´s authorized sales representative for Italy. Marisa Maretti, based in Monaco, finalized the contracts at the National Business Aviation Association annual meeting last week in Atlanta.

The order consists of eight Citation Mustangs, one Citation CJ2+, two Citation CJ3s, one CJ4, and two XLS+ aircraft. Deliveries start in May 2009.

"The growth of business aviation in Italy is following the trend across Europe," said Trevor Esling, vice president, International Sales. "More and more business men see the efficiency of such type of flying . Signora Maretti continues to stay ahead of market demand in serving this important region of Europe." Esling said the range of products in demand in Italy reflects the various requirements there coming from individuals and from pan-European businesses.

Based on unit sales, Cessna Aircraft Company is one of the largest manufacturer of general aviation airplanes. In 2006, Cessna delivered 1,239 aircraft, including 307 Citation business jets, and reported revenues of about $4.2 billion.

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