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NetJets Implementing Green Initiative

NetJets Implementing Green Initiative

NetJets, Inc., the world´s largest fractional aircraft operator, is launching a "multifaceted initiative to address the environmental impact of the company´s flights and other operations" and strengthen its response "to climate change and other environmental challenges."

Richard T. Santulli, chairman and CEO, said "We at NetJets, as individuals, and as a company, are very concerned about the issue of climate change. We are committed to being responsible stewards of our environment and setting the bar for the private aviation industry." Santulli said the initial program "is only the beginning of a long-term effort that will fully integrate environmental concerns into our everyday business model."

NetJets is working with a firm called Esty Environmental Partners, described as a "leader in corporate environmental strategy," and also has set up advisory boards that include members from environmental organizations, academia and government. The initiative will focus "on offsetting carbon emissions from NetJets´ flights, while at the same time it begins to reduce the carbon footprint of NetJets´ operations worldwide." It also includes a sizeable investment in leading-edge technology research with the goal of creating an ultra-low emissions jet fuel.

The Woodbridge, N.J. aircraft operator also set a goal of improving its energy efficiency, cutting waste and reducing carbon emissions from its internal operations by 10 percent over the next two years. It also established director of environmental management positions, reporting to the Office of the Chairman, in both the U.S. and Europe. NetJets is helping sponsor The Next Generation Jet Fuel Project at Princeton University with the University of California, Davis to develop an "ultra-low emission jet fuel."

NetJets said it "realizes that its responsibilities also extend to the communities in which it operates," and will launch a community based Solar Schools Project, beginning in California. That program will fund placement of photovoltaic cells on school roofs to generate electricity. That received a strong endorsement from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. "As a longtime customer of NetJets, I am proud of the company for stepping up to be a leader in fighting global warming. And to help them succeed in this bold and innovative effort, I have already signed up to purchase carbon credits for my own flying through the NetJets offset program," he said in a statement distributed by the company.

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