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Protest Boosts Private Jet Bookings

Protest Boosts Private Jet Bookings

The climate change protest has apparently given a lift to private air travel. That is not what the protesters were hoping for.

More business and first-class travellers are taking private jets because they are afraid of being delayed if travelling with traditional airlines.

One jet charter company saw a 15% rise in first-time private jet bookings during the week.

"Fear of disruption from this climate camp protest has led to some Heathrow travellers turning to our services," said Twinjet managing director John Keeble.

"Heathrow´s recent problems have already been good for our business, but this protest and the threat of disruption appears to be the final straw," he said.

"Our bookings are up against the corresponding week last year, with our new customers citing the concerns over possible disruption as a key factor.

"These are passengers who would normally book in a scheduled airline´s first class cabin, for whom comfort, reliability and time are key factors."

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