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Embraer to Alter Its Logo

Embraer to Alter Its Logo

As of August 19, when it celebrates 38 years of victories in a history marked by significant achievements in the highly competitive international aviation market, Embraer will introduce a major improvement to its logo, recognized worldwide for its aircraft excellence and reliability in the airline, executive jet, defense and government, and aviation services markets.

The change preserves the essence of the traditional logo, while it highlights the Embraer brand name by providing a more harmonious balance between the name - on the right - and the “E” symbol (stylized as a bird silhouette) - on the left. As opposed to its original layout, the Embraer brand name will double in size, while the dimensions of the stylized “E” symbol will remain unchanged.

Embraer’s logo was created when the Company was founded, in 1969, by Jose Maria Ramis Melquizo, a Spanish painter who obtained Brazilian citizenship.

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