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D-JET S/N002 Roll-out

On Friday, July 20, 2007 Diamond Aircraft celebrated the roll out of D-JET S/N002. S/N002 is a milestone achievement for the D-JET program: it is the first D-JET to conform to the expected production configuration in its structural layout and aerodynamic design. The D-JET team is now preparing S/N002 for first flight next month, while simultaneously building the next three certification test planes on the same production-quality tooling used for S/N002.

The D-JET program is scheduled to achieve certification in mid-2008, with deliveries starting immediately thereafter. Demand for the D-JET has been very strong, with over 300 orders taken world-wide. The North American retail delivery schedule is completely sold out for the first year and a half of production, with only a very limited number of Premium deposit slots available for late 2009 delivery from select Diamond Distributors.

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