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Space tourism is not a gimmick

Space tourism is not a gimmick

According to Flight Global EADS Astrium has hit back at critics who say that space tourism is just a gimmick for the mega-rich and famous and has no real value.The company announced last week that it plans to build a space plane to carry people on sub-orbital rides from 2012, as long as they are prepared to pay up to 200,000 euro.

EADS Astrium says that the space plane could lead to quicker development of hypersonic long-distance travel for conventional aircraft.

Its business jet-sized will take off from a conventional airport and give passengers three-to-five minutes of weightlessness when it achieves maximum altitude. Normal jet engines will be used to take off and climb to 12km, before a rocket engine takes over, giving passengers a near-vertical wild ride, taking them beyond 60km in 80 seconds.

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