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Epic Elite Jet makes first flight

Epic Elite Jet makes first flight

The initial flight lasted more than 40 minutes, giving company test pilots Dave Morss and Len Fox the chance to explore the aircraft´s control surfaces and low level performance capabilities.

The carbon fiber Elite is powered by two Williams Jet FJ-33-4 engines that deliver 3,120 pounds of thrust. The jet can reach FL410 in less than 17 minutes and boasts a sizzling top speed of 410 KTAS, according to company officials. The cockpit features all-glass Garmin G900X panels. The Elite will be RVSM compliant.

The Epic Elite will make its formal debut July 23 during AirVenture in Oshkosh. The company´s second jet, the single-engine Victory, also will fly into Oshkosh, just seven months from a clean sheet design.

The Elite Jet will be available in 2007 as an owner-built aircraft. A six- to eight-passenger version of the jet is expected to be certified in late 2009.

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