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Cirrus Unveils "the-jet"

Cirrus Unveils "the-jet"

True to its word, Cirrus Design Corporation last week fulfilled its promise to a select group of customers by giving them the world´s first look at – the most anticipated aircraft in the company´s history. Each guest had placed a 100,000 USD deposit for their first “personal” jet in this new and exciting market.

The company’s tight control of the project was evidenced even further by the fact that its own employees who were not directly working on the project were not able to see "the-jet" until hours before the depositors´ showing Wednesday night. Today, the rest of the world witnessed the same dramatic unveiling at a special event held at the company´s Duluth, Minnesota headquarters.

The aircraft has the only turbofan engine and designed to transport 5 passengers cruising at 300 knots.

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